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From The Desk of Principal

Anthony J.D'Angelo once said, " Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you'll never cease to grow."
A school must try to provide its students with an atmosphere for multifaceted development, where children are encouraged to channelize their potential in the pursuit of excellence. This can only be possible in a holistic, student-centric environment. The talents, skills, and abilities of each student need to be identified, nurtured, and encouraged so that he/she is able to reach greater heights. Students need to be provided with a platform to think, express, and exhibit their skills. It is necessary to empower them to negotiate several issues that confront them, with the teacher being a facilitator. We often make the critical mistake of considering children, regardless of their age, class ethnicity, or background, like a blank notebook that is yet to be written upon. In doing so, we often fail to realize that each child has his/her own individuality, special skills, and talents. Therefore, a good educational system is one that helps a child to nurture his/her talents and overcome shortcomings by providing appropriate, all-encompassing education This enables the child to develop his/her personality and equips the child to face the challenges of life.
At St. Kabir Academy, our approach to learning is child-centric, encouraging, activity-based and inculcating a scientific temper and a spirit of free enquiry. In our curriculum, the student is the primary focus, and each child is involved in the learning process. The purpose of the education received by our children is to replace an empty mind with an open one. We motivate our teachers to provide an atmosphere for discovery, where students are encouraged to be creative and curious, instead of routinely loading the children with academic burden. We are thus constantly improving our teaching methodology so that it turns learning into a combination of classroom study, research, and scientific discovery.

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Children these days are much more sensitive; they possess very high self-esteem and believe in independent thinking. Therefore, we ensure that the approach to motivating and getting the best out of the children is based on the positive reinforcement of good work and good behaviour. Our educational philosophy is centered on praise, encouragement, enthusiasm, and affection, rather than criticism, fear, and punishment. We constantly work to develop a sense of discipline and good moral character, where all students are expected to conform to high disciplinary standards and to develop values of tolerance, fair play, compassion, integrity, and fortitude.

I am confident that St. Kabir Academy will always be a beacon of light, guiding the destiny of its students and radiating kindness and compassion as it soars high in its pursuit of academic excellence and in the fulfillment of the school motto: Its is through the ceaseless dedication and commitment of many people that St. Kabir Academy has succeeded in realizing so many of its goals. To begin with, I would like thank our Chairman Swami Shankra Nand Ji Bhuri Wale, for his invaluable support and guidance, and all the members of the management, for helping us in all our endeavors. I would also like to extend my special gratitude toward our President Miss. Jasbir Kaur and the Coordinator as well as staff members. I would also like to thank the parents of our students for always having bestowed their faith and confidence in us.
Miss Ramanjot Kaur Grewal
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